— FAQ —

Why aren't you replying to me?

This could be any number of things: Did you text between 11pm - 7am when I'm asleep, did you text me 'R u available', were you demanding and pushy (eg. Come to my house right now)?

I will reply to those who have introduced themselves and used manners, who have included the information I requested on my Contact page, and I will reply when I have a spare moment. I do have a life away from my phone.

What is your deposit policy?

I require a $150 deposit for bookings made 2+ days in advance. Your deposit is forfeited if you cancel within 4 days of your booking, otherwise you may put it towards a future booking (a second deposit may be asked of you, which will also go towards the total price of your booking).

If you fail to reply to confirmation text messages or emails, and I have attempted to contact you 3 times, your booking will be replaced and your deposit will not be refunded.

What is the process for making a booking for one of your tours?

  1. Send through a text message or email, which includes the info I’ve mentioned on the Contact page

  2. Once we’ve agreed on a time and day, I’ll request a $150 deposit, paid either via bank transfer, with the BeemIt app or as a cash deposit

  3. I will confirm your booking about a week before my tour via text message or email (please specify a time if you have a preferred timeframe). If you fail to reply and I have attempted to contact you 2 times, your booking will be replaced and your deposit will not be refunded.

  4. I will send the hotel info and instructions on the day of your booking

Do I need to manscape?

It's not vital, however, a trim is always nice. Shaving may leave you itchy, so that's not expected of you.

Are you shaved/trimmed?

I am neatly trimmed; I have a patch of short hair. My bikini line has been lazered so it all looks very neat and tidy.

Can you send me a photo? / Are your photos really you?

There are plenty of photos in my gallery, as well as several selfies on my Twitter, and there are lots of nudes and videos on my OnlyFans. The photos used are all me and I’m often complimented on the accuracy of the photos. My photos have also been verified on my Scarlet Blue profile.

What if you don't list a particular service I want?

If it's not listed, I don't offer it.

Do you have any social media accounts?

I have OnlyFans and ManyVids (my nudes/videos), Twitter has all of my selfies and my Snapchat is LittleEvieJ. Please don’t send me messages or photos/videos on Snapchat. I will remove you if you do so. You can contact me with booking requests via email and SMS, or chat to me via Onlyfans.

I’m ___kg and __years old/disabled/of a different ethnicity. Is this an issue for you?

Honestly, I don’t mind at all (as long as you are over 18). All I ask is that you’re polite and professional.

Do I need to bring anything with me? do i need to dress a certain way?

You aren’t required to bring anything in particular, and you should dress in what feels comfortable. I’m not one to judge!