— How It Works —

You’ll find some useful information here to guide you through the booking process, as well as throughout your time with Evie. You may apply this advice to booking other sex workers.

Booking Evie

  • Read through the entirety of this site before contacting Evie. There is a lot of useful, clear information; most of your questions can be answered if you take a look around.

  • Please use your manners when contacting Evie. Something like ‘Are you available?’ is unlikely to get you a reply. Try: ‘ Hi, how are you’ and use please/thank you.

  • If you're not sure of what information to include in your SMS/email, just use the simple template message on her Contact page, which you can customise if you like.

  • Ask any important questions or make any requests during the booking process (not the day/hour/minute before you arrive), in case Evie can't accommodate you.

  • If this is your first time seeing an escort, please let Evie know.

  • Allow at least 24 hours notice for a booking, more if possible. It is rare that Evie is available for same-day or last-minute bookings.


Before Your Booking

  • Evie will request a deposit to secure your booking if it’s at least 2 days in advance. This can be paid via an online bank transfer, via BeemIt or as an anonymous cash deposit at a Commonwealth Bank Cash Deposit ATM (Open 24-hours at all major Commonwealth banks). If you aren't comfortable with this, you can try booking Evie on the day or the day before.

  • You'll receive the address/hotel details and instructions the day of your booking, usually the hour before. Evie will let you know when to expect it. If you need a landmark early on to plan traveling, go ahead and ask. Evie loves a good planner!

  • A question Evie gets a lot is: Do you want me to shave/trim/manscape? Evie does prefer that your goodies are trimmed, but not necessarily shaved (itchy!).


Deposit Etiquette

If you are placing a booking 2+ days in advance, or you are making a booking for a tour, please make a $150 deposit once Evie gives you the details (You can pay discreetly with an anonymous cash deposit, using the BeemIt app or as a bank transfer). Ideally, this should be paid within the same week of making your booking. This gives a sense of trust between you and Evie.

Please understand that this is a business and we (sex workers/escorts) do experience stress and frustration when customers don’t show up without any communication or cancel at the last minute. Unfortunately it is common, so deposits are required from many escorts these days.

The deposit policy can be found here.

Your Time with Evie

  • There will likely be convenient parking for you at Evie’s incall/hotel. She will let you know where you can park.

  • Please be ready on time or 5 minutes early. Let Evie know that you have arrived/that you are ready to meet. Be discreet when making your way to her incall (if anyone asks, you are visiting a friend).

  • If you are going to be late, if something has come up or you are too nervous/anxious to make the appointment, please let Evie know.

  • Evie asks that you wash yourself thoroughly (please remember your balls, under foreskin, armpits - important areas!), use the nail scrubber if there is one. Use mouthwash and deodorant following your shower. Evie will make sure she is clean, fresh and smelling nice for you too! (Evie will provide everything at her incall/hotel)

  • Following the shower and moving to the bedroom, you may be very nervous - this is completely normal. Evie will chat with you, kiss you, touch you… Hopefully easing those nerves and making you feel more comfortable.



  • Please be discreet when leaving Evie’s incall/hotel. It is no one’s business who she is or what you get up to behind closed doors.

  • After your time together, if you feel you would like to leave a review, please use the Scarlet Blue website. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

  • Evie may ask if she can save your number for future tour updates to your city. It is completely fine if you would not like this. You can either keep an eye out yourself, or subscribe to her Scarlet Blue profile here - you can find the Subscribe button in the Tours section.